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Юбилейный этюдный конкурс "Ян Тимман -70"

28 Мая 2021 Study Composition Tourney „Jan Timman- 70”
To honour the 70th birthday of Jan Timman, chess legend and prolific study composer, the Royal
Dutch Chess Federation (KNSB) announces an endgame study composition tourney free theme).
Judge: Jan Timman
Director: Harold van der Heijden
Organisational Support: Jan Sprenger
150/125/100/75/50 € (sponsored by KNSB)
Special prizes, offered by friends and colleagues of Jan Timman:
• Hans Böhm: 15 chess king statues, made by the Dutch artist Margaret Wevers
• Harold v an der Heijden: two HHdbVI study databases www.hhdbvi.nl
• Jan Sprenger: 100 € for the best study by a strong practical player (criteria: 2000+ rating, not
more than ten entries in HHdbVI);
• KNSB : chess books by Jan Timman
• Deadline for submissions: 1 October 2021
• Preliminary award: 14 December 2021 (70th birthday JT)
• Deadline for claims: 14 January 2022
• Final award: 31 January 2022
Coproductions are allowed. There is a maximum of three studies per composer. Double money
prizes will not be awarded; instead, t he composer will receive the more valuable prize.
Submissions should be sent
in pgn format to the tourney director Harold van der Heijden
heijdenharold@gmail.com ), with „Jan Timman 70” in the subject
The results of the tourney will be published on the website of the KNSB and in the endgame study
magazine EG