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Tadashi Wakashima-70 JT

4 Сентября 2022

Announcement of Tadashi Wakashima-70 JT

We are pleased to announce Tadashi Wakashima-70 Jubilee Tournament, celebrating the birthday of Problem Paradise’s chief editor.

Theme: Free, but it must include at least one fairy element (fairy pieces or fairy conditions are accepted, but fairy board (e.g., 9x9 board) is not accepted).
All fairy pieces and conditions are allowed, if the problem is checked by a known solving program.

Section a): #2-#3.
Section b): H#2-H#3.
Twinning and multiple solutions are accepted; Zeroposition is not accepted.

Judges: Vlaicu Crisan and Eric Huber (Romania)

Deadline: 31st October, 2022
Tournament Director: Hiroaki Maeshima (antillas106[at]gmail.com)
Awards: Awards will be published online by TD.

Please e-mail me the computer-tested problem in a pdf format.
It would be nice if the name of software used and FEN of the diagram (either Popeye or Olive format) are included.

Hiroaki Maeshima and Toshimasa Fujiwara