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Super Problem-2019

SuperProblem 2019 IT (#2, #3, #N, H#, S#, F#) 

Editorial board of international web project SuperProblem (http://superproblem.ru/index-en.html) announces an informal composing tourney for 2019 year in the following sections:

A - twomovers Director: Evgeny Permyakovpermyakov63@mail.ru

B - threemovers Director: Grigory Atayants - ata.gr@mail.ru

C - moremovers Director: Aleksandr Sygurov - sygurov@bk.ru

E - helpmates Director: Vitaly Medintsev - vitalymedintsev@gmail.com

F - selfmates Director: Anatoly Stepochkin - anatoly.alfa@gmail.com

G - fairies Director: Alexander Bulavka - tischka@tut.by

Judges for «SuperProblem 2019» IT
#2 – Vasil Markovcij
#3 – Igor Agapov
#N – Oleg Efrosinin
H#2 – Zoran Gavrilovski, H#2.5 & 3 - Vladislav Nefyodov, H#3.5-N - Alexandr Semenenko
S# – Gennady Kozura
F# – Petko Petkov

In all the sections (in all three subsections in helpmates), there is the following limitation: not more than 3 originals per one author, including joint works, may be published. Versions are unlimited.
Themes are free for all the sections.

Send entries to the directors (via e-mail) not later than 20th December 2019.
Awards will be published on the website http://superproblem.ru