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Dawson Triathlon Memorial Tourney 2021

13 Сентября 2020 In honour of the 70th anniversary of the death of Thomas Rayner Dawson, the British Chess Problem Society announces a Dawson Triathlon Memorial Tourney 2021.
The Triathlon includes three tournaments, with a separate ranking for each:
a) Direct mates in 2 moves.
b) Helpmates in 2 moves with at least 2 phases.
c) Helpselfmates in 2 to 5 moves with at least 2 phases.
All sections have a free theme, but with the presence of at least one Grasshopper and at least one Nightrider. The use of other fairy pieces is not permitted. Fairy conditions are allowed.
In addition to the three separate tournaments, there will be a special Triathlon ranking in which results from all sections are combined. In order to be ranked, a participant must have earned a ranking in at least two sections.
Originals must be sent to the director of the tournament, Petko Petkov by email only [ppetkov2702@gmail.com] no later than March 31st, 2021.
See the announcement with examples here: