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Юбилейный конкурс "Amatzia Avni -70"

15 Апреля 2024

Avni-70 ty

A formal contest for study composing is announced, open to all. 
The theme is free with one exception – no logical studies.

Each composer may send up to 3 studies, including joint works.

There will be three money prizes – 250$, 200$ and 150$. There will also be some book prizes, therefore all participants are requested to send their postal address along with the pgn file containing position and full solution.

Send your original studies by e-mail to the tourney director, Gady Costeff, at costeff@gmail.com

The closing date for receiving the works is 30/10/2024. The award is guaranteed to be sent to all participants on 17/12/2024 and is expected also to be published in Arves and Variantim.

The judge will be the jubilant, Amatzia Avni