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Объявлен Альбом ФИДЕ 2007-2009

11 Августа 2010

FIDE Album 2007-2009

Composers are invited to submit their highest-quality compositions for selection for this Album. Entry is open to compositions published during the years 2007-2009. Those who published large numbers of compositions during this period are strongly urged to make a selection consisting of only their very best work. Note that in the case of formal tourneys the date of publication, not the closing date for entries, is decisive.

5 copies of each entry are required. They must be clearly stamped or printed on diagrams on paper of A5 size and normal thickness, one entry per sheet, with the composer's full name and address, the place and year of original publication, the award (if any), and the full solution on the same side as the diagram. If necessary, the solution may be continued on a second sheet - not on the back of the diagram - with the composer's name and the position of the Ks repeated. Entries not complying with these requirements may be rejected.

Entries should be sent by post (NB not by email) to the Section Directors as listed below, postmarked not later than March 1st, 2011.

The PCCC makes the following recommendations:

(1) Composers are asked to number their entries in each section in order of preference, starting with the one that the composer considers best. This will ease the work of the judges and may also be of benefit to the composer.
(2) Anyone entering compositions by another composer should, where possible, obtain the agreement of that composer beforehand.
(3) Cyrillic names and addresses of composers should be written in Cyrillic capital letters and preferably also transcribed into Latin letters.
(4) The source of each composition should, if possible, include not only the magazine and year of publication but also the month or magazine number and/or the number of the composition.
(5) Computer-tested compositions should be indicated by the symbol C+.
(6) Unusual fairy forms should be defined.

Director: Henk le Grand, Heimanslaan 5, NL-6705 AD Wageningen, the Netherlands
Judges:: Wieland Bruch, Christopher Reeves, Dragan Stojnic

Director: Piet le Grand, Spiegelstraat 87, NL-7552 MZ Hengelo, the Netherlands
Judges: Mikhail Marandyuk, Stefan Sovik, NN

Director: Aleksandr Feoktistov, ul. Jugnaja d.16 kv.67 mk-n. Baribino, g. Domodedovo, 142060 Moskovskaja obl., Russia
Judges: Hemmo Axt, Yuri Gordian, Jakov Vladimirov

Endgame studies
Director: Harold van der Heijden, Michel de Klerkstraat 28, NL-7425 DG Deventer, the Netherlands
Judges: Iuri Akobia, Vitaly Kovalenko, Martin Minski

Helpmates in 2
Director: Harry Fougiaxis, Delvinou 4, GR-11363 Athens, Greece
Judges: Michal Dragoun, Vladislav Nefyodov, Mario Parrinello

Helpmates in 2.5 and longer
Director: Günter Büsing, Weidener Str. 8, D-81737 München, Germany.
Judges: Jorge Lois, Aleksandr Semenenko, Guy Sobrecases

Director: Andrey Selivanov, p/box 16, 125414 Moscow, Russia
Judges: Zivko Janevski, Frank Muller, Ivan Soroka

Director: Georgy Evseev, 127051 Moscow, Petrovskij Bulvar, d. 17/1, kv. 29, Russia
Judges: Vlaicu Crisan, Jean-Marc Loustau, Juraj Lorinc

Director: Gerd Wilts, Zeppelinstr. 18, 81541 Mьnchen, Germany
Judges: Andrey Frolkin, Thierry le Gleuher, Kostas Prentos